Algorithmic Investment Models

Proprietary data mining software assures rapid innovation and performance analysis

Algorithmic Investment Models

Unique modeling factors help to identify untapped sources of alpha

Algorithmic Investment Models

Cutting-edge machine learning technology applied to investment portfolio design


February 1, 2022: AIM has acquired distribution partner Beaumont Capital Management. See our press release for more details.

Our Decathlon ETF ranking algorithms, licensed to Beaumont Capital Management since 2012, have been used to manage over $2.5 billion in assets and have an 11-year track record.

Machine learning enables dynamic pattern recognition and risk management to ensure a smooth ride for investors
Continuous search for new factors gives investors an alpha edge over the competition
AIM software is designed to enable rapid customization and innovation across a universe of 1000 domestic and global equity and fixed income ETFs

​ About Us

Algorithmic Investment Models, LLC (AIM), founded in 2012, is a technology company focused on the financial services industry. For the last 11 years, AIM has provided a suite of global, go-anywhere, actively managed financial products, called Decathlon, through our investment management partner Beaumont Capital Management. In 2022, AIM acquired Beaumont Capital Management, bringing the research and investment management capabilities under one roof.

All AIM financial products are designed using machine learning technologies, many of which may be found in the most groundbreaking consumer products such as voice and facial recognition applications or self-driving cars.

AIM maintains a broad database of 1000 ETFs spanning asset categories and countries. This expansive dataset enables AIM to customize investment universes based on the investor’s priorities and interests.

AIM has developed a proprietary data mining software package that allows for rapid customization and performance analysis. The speed and flexibility are critical to AIM’s ability to continuously identify novel factors, many of which to our knowledge are first discoveries unique to AIM. These powerful metrics enable AIM to find sources of untapped alpha not available to other investors.

We are always on the lookout for new partners. If you would like to learn more about our portfolio design applications and how they can be incorporated into your current business, please contact us at 617-992-1677.

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AIM Management Team

Todd Rice

Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer

BS, University of Chicago
MPP, Harvard University

Todd is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Algorithmic Investment Models, LLC (AIM).

Todd has designed billion-dollar institutional products for major Wall Street firms, worked as an equity portfolio manager and has run a hedge fund. He holds a degree in mathematics from the University of Chicago and a Masters of Public Policy from the Kennedy School at Harvard University.

In 1990 Todd left Salomon Brothers and joined BEA Associates, which was in the process of creating a quantitative equity analysis group. Todd worked directly with Bill Priest (currently CEO of Epoch Investment Partners) and developed a structured equity product, managed a convertible bond portfolio and invested the firm’s hedge fund, overseeing more than $1 billion in assets by the time he departed in 1997. Between 1998 and 2014 Todd worked to develop and refine the models that became the foundation for BCM’s Decathlon strategies.

In 2012, Todd launched AIM to design machine-learning based financial products and develop proprietary data mining software that enables rapid customization and performance analysis. He is also the majority owner of Algorithmic Research and Trading (ART), a newly formed holding company that owns both AIM and BCM and is also a member of the investment committee for the Decathlon strategies.


Andrew Rice

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

BA, Emory University
MPP, University of Chicago

In addition to overseeing firm operations, Andrew is one of the lead programmers and researchers for the company’s proprietary investment systems. He is also a member of the investment committee for the Decathlon strategies.

Andrew joined AIM in 2016 and has built the firm’s proprietary graphical analysis software and manages research efforts into new model factors and deep learning approaches. He is also a managing partner of Algorithmic Research and Trading, a newly formed holding company that owns both AIM and BCM.

Andrew spent the prior 10 years of his career as a quantitative analyst focused on public policy in Chicago. He designed and managed databases, led research projects, and managed strategic planning initiatives for city departments and large non-profit organizations. In addition, he co-founded a consulting business that provides data management, research, and strategic planning services to non-profit organizations.

Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Emory University and a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.