Algorithmic Investment Models

About Us

Algorithmic Investment Models, LLC (AIM), founded in 2012, is a technology company focused on the financial services industry. For the last eight years, AIM has provided a suite of global, go-anywhere, actively managed financial products, called Decathlon, through our investment management partner Beaumont Capital Management.

All AIM financial products are designed using machine learning technologies, many of which may be found in the most groundbreaking consumer products such as voice and facial recognition applications or self-driving cars.

AIM maintains a broad database of 1000 ETFs spanning asset categories and countries. This expansive dataset enables AIM to customize investment universes based on the investor’s priorities and interests.

AIM has developed a proprietary data mining software package that allows for rapid customization and performance analysis. The speed and flexibility are critical to AIM’s ability to continuously identify novel factors, many of which to our knowledge are first discoveries unique to AIM. These powerful metrics enable AIM to find sources of untapped alpha not available to other investors.

We are always on the lookout for new partners. If you would like to learn more about our portfolio design applications and how they can be incorporated into your current business, please contact us at 617-992-1677.

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