Algorithmic Investment Models

AIM Management Team


Todd Rice — Founder, Manager, Principal Financial Engineer

BS, University of Chicago
MPP, Harvard University

Todd is an entrepreneur who has designed billion-dollar institutional products for major Wall Street firms, worked as an equity portfolio manager, and run a hedge fund. He began his career at Salomon Brothers in the late 1980’s on the proprietary trading and research desk where he developed the software infrastructure for Salomon’s Portfolio Construction Index Tracking product. In 1990, Todd joined BEA Associates which was in the process of creating a quantitative equity analysis group. While there, he worked directly with Bill Priest (current CEO of Epoch Investment Partners) and developed a structured equity product, managed a convertible bond portfolio and invested the firm’s hedge fund. He later consulted for Bill Priest at Epoch and prototyped two of Epoch’s products – Global Equity Shareholder Yield and Epoch Choice and launched a successful startup software venture, Lamark Inc. before creating Algorithmic Investment Models (AIM) in 2012. Todd holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of Chicago, an MPP from the Kennedy School at Harvard University, and two patents in the field of genetic algorithms.


Andrew Rice — Data Scientist

BA, Emory University
MPP, University of Chicago

Andrew’s background is in research and data analysis in government and finance. At AIM, he has built the firm's proprietary graphical analysis software and manages research efforts into new model factors and deep learning approaches. He also designs and manages pairwise variable computation algorithms for the model production process. He holds an English Literature degree from Emory University and an MPP from the Harris School for Public Policy at the University of Chicago.


Beaumont Capital Management — Investment Manager

Principal: Dave Haviland

In 2009, BCM was created to deliver tactical, rules-based growth strategies to financial professionals, institutions and retirement plans. Beaumont offers a range of strategies composed of simple low-cost ETF portfolios that seek to meet investors’ varying needs and risk tolerances.